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If you are seeking a printing company that will consider your every job a work of art, then look no further.

We will always strive to offer our clients fast, reliable and convenient
services. Our state of the art equipment together with our well-trained
staff enables us to fulfill your every printing need.

10 dpi

Very Low Resolution
Heavily Pixelated

72 dpi

Low Resolution
Perfect For Website

300 dpi

High Resolution
Suitable For Printing

Digital Press PD

Print Design prides itself on delivering the highest quality products and the most exceptional of services all at affordable prices. 

We service both large and small companies providing specialty items to advertising agencies, graphic designers, educational institutions, and sales professionals. We also serve manufacturers, non-for-profit organizations, and various other types of companies. Our promise is to listen and help you attain your business goals. We will be there with honest, expert advice and quick, friendly customer service.  

Digital Printing

digital printing

Best suited to do short-run jobs, digital printing is a cost-effective printing method that works directly from electronic data without any need for printing plates.

Offset Printing

offset printing

The most common method of commercial printing, offset printing involves the transfer or offset of ink from a printing plate to a sheet of paper via a rubber blanket. It is also known as offset lithography printing; these two terms are used interchangeably.



The 5 types of binding commonly used for printing projects are case, perfect, saddle stitched, spiral and wire binding. A business or department within a printing company that does the cutting, folding, collating and other finishing operations used on printing projects.



The general rule in full-color printing (versus black-and-white) is that anything webrelated should be designed in RGB (red, green, blue), and physically printed material should be in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black). This is because traditional (lithographic) printing presses create colors with individual plates for each of those four colors.



The characters which make up a complete typeface and size.


 8pt, 10pt, 12pt, 14pt, 16pt &18pt




Proofing is the best way to avoid expensive mistakes in printing, so you should pay close attention to the proofs you receive from your printer to ensure the job is without error. A PDF on your computer is the most common form of a proof. It is usually a low-resolution file to check for layout, punctuation and spelling. Pre-press sample, you will receive a hard copy of the finished product, usually for color accuracy.

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